about kaykay

hi I’m kaykay. i was born in texas, and moved to los angeles to pursue a creative career. i graduated from pepperdine university as a fine art major & multimedia design minor. i began working as a photographer at an early age primarily in portraits & live shows. when I moved to los angeles, i started a blog with my best friend which allowed us to shoot for many well-­known brands across in print and social media platforms. my work has been featured in various magazines such as teen vogue & billboard. after a few years, we began to focus our blog on our writings, self-­portraits, & art after finding ourselves disconnected from the world of social media. in 2015, my blog partner, madeline becker, & I gave a tedx talk on how we transitioned away from the world of creating for brands to creating visual narratives of our own story. although, we no longer continued with the blog, we both continue to create. i’m constantly trying to push my creativity by rotating my crafts through writing, photography, painting, and design.